"i’m not homophobic i just think that it’s wrong!" i’m sorry what the fuck do you think homophobia is

"Jesus christ you guys" cryying

me too man i havent stopped since yesterday




I honestly think people forget that the church and state are supposed to be separate. Give me one non-religious reason against same sex marriage. One non-religious reason against stem cell research. One non-religious reason against safe abortions. Go ahead.


it has something to do with the fact that following a religion doesn’t make people any less valid as humans so if that’s the way they feel you can’t just fucking discount if someone with no religious beliefs whatsoever doesn’t agree with stem cell research you wouldn’t tell them it was invalid just because they don’t have a religion so you can’t do the reverse either 

one non religious reason against stem cell research is that embryos are discarded before they develop and it’s wrong to prevent a human life-  oh look! Even members of non religious communities are allowed to form their own beliefs about life. Whether they’re the same as any religion or not. 

You can’t have a non religious reason against gay marriage- marriage involves a religious ceremony. That’s the problem. 

um there’s a difference between having a christian wedding and being married in the eyes of the law dude. you don’t have to get married with a religious ceremony 

I’ve been laughing about this all day omg. I don’t have an instagram though so I can’t read the whole conversation

you can look at it without having an instagram heres the link 

godofemo replied to your post “godofemo replied to your post “godofemo replied to your photo “OH NO…”

we did but this is hysterical to me

im never going to get over it omg

y'all done fucked up omf g

yes yes us’ll (idc if thats not a word) done fucked up real good

like it wasn't even just innocent cute stuff that was just gross gross gross stuff that he saw im humiliated

well if anyone can find amusement in it itd be gabe

im suffering from secondhand embarrassment that gabe saw that oh my god why would you comment that stuff if you knew gabe could see it?? this is so awful i feel like drowning myself

i didnt actually think he would see it man its not like i was yelling it in his face i was joking with a friend 

godofemo replied to your post “godofemo replied to your photo “OH NO OH NOOOO JESUS FUCK” he probably…”

we talked about him fucking william and killing a child oh lord

im laughing we fucked up so bad

what happened with gabe and ig?


alright basically i posted a midtown mondays post that gabe regrammed (hooray!) and then tara gabesassporta decided to leave a series of particularly tasteful comments on it (see this post) and then i woke up today to this on my photo and here’s the actual insta post for reference and basically gabe has read a fic involving 50 cent and william beckett

godofemo replied to your photo “OH NO OH NOOOO JESUS FUCK”

he probably saw mine though too fucK

he mustve read the whole thing im die 

relientkara replied to your post “There’s a fairy fic where Gabe gets pregnant as well, it’s on archiveofourown”

https://archiveofourown.org/works/195844 It’s part of a series

oh my im going to go read it now thank you i love u


that is not the intended use sir


omg puppy put ur seatbelt on it’s so unsafe for ur tiny lil body to not have a seatbelt on oh ur so precious i love u